Doctor of Theology

Certified Health Minister

​Certified Essential Oil Coach

​Published over 20 books.

8 books are on Amazon 

​Best Seller List.

One of the things I like most about my ministry, is being a minister.  I love ministering to people and having this health ministry has open the door for me to share what the WORD OF GOD has to say about healthy eating.

I am not and do not claim to be a medical doctor or a certified nutritionist.  I am a Certified Health Minister, 

trained and certified byHallelujah Acres, an essential oil coach certified by Dr. Axe Essential Oil Institute and I have a Doctorate in Theology from Cornerstone University.


Having this ministry has opened the door for me to share what the WORD OF GOD has to say about healthy eating.I am sharing this informative information, so that others will know and realize that according to the 

Word of  God, in the Holy Bible that is inspired by the True And Living God, if we eat only what HE requires 

us to eat, we can maintain and/or regain good health.

I am so thankful and greatfull to be alive and well. But, I will never forget 2014, it was a wake up call. About 20 

years ago, I stopped eating pork, and several years after that, I started to cut down on the amount of beef, 

chicken and turkey that I was consuming.  But I still was not really committed to getting healthy. 

In January 2014, I made the decision to try again, to start losing weight. I went from 262 to 245 by May 2014. 

Unfortunately, on Saturday, May 24th, I started having really bad pains in my back, due to a fall, I had earlier 

in that week.

By Sunday, my Pastor had to call an ambulance to take me to the emergency room. However, they sent me 

home with some pain pills and told me to lose some weight and get some exercise. But,  when I woke up on 

Monday morning, I could not walk and the pain was getting worse. By Thursday, I was losing control of my bladder and bowels. 

So my Pastor called another ambulance to take me back to the same emergency room. And once again, they 

sent me home with more pain pills and told me, again to get some exercise. Since I could not walk, it was 

hard for me to get in the car. And when I got back home, it took over an hour for me to get out of the car and crawl from the car to the front door.

The pain continued to get worse, and by Saturday, my Pastor had to call a third ambulance. When they arrived, my Pastor asked them to take me to Ben Taub County Hospital, but due the new city laws, they were not 

allowed to take me that far. Therefore, she had to get on the internet and find a private ambulance service, that would take me to the Ben Taub County Hospital.

They admitted me, late that night on May 31, and sent me home walking on a walker Friday, June 13th. God 

used them to save my life.  When I left the hospital, I had lost more weight and was down to 227. But I still did

not realize that I needed to get or eat healthy. Getting healthy never entered my mind. 

In late November, a business coach, named Chaim Goldman, told me about a DVD course explaining how the

body works when it has real food...which is healthy nutritious food. After watching those DVD’s, I learned how

healthy nutritious food, helps the body create healthy NEW living cells. 

This was VERY exciting news to me, because my short term memory was impaired, my hands were cramping, 

my left leg was numb, plus I had other health issues, all due to the fall I had in May. All these things were

caused by nerves that were damaged throughout my body, when I fell.

I was desperate! And I knew it was time for me to stop trying to lose weight and start learning to eat healthy. 

I needed the dead cells in my body to be replaced by new living cells. Therefore, it was imperative for me to start eating healthy nutritious food. Healthy food, that would help create new living cells in my body. I was now ready and willing, to do whatever I could to make that happen.

This gave me a hunger to learn even more, about eating healthy.  Plus, I knew that God did not want me to keep all this good knowledge to myself. I had to share this good knowledge with God's people. In the middle of 

December 2014, I started on the Hallelujah Diet. Now I feel like a like a new person and I am still losing weight.

This gave me the courage to enrolled in the Certified Health Minister course, offered by Hallelujah Diet. This course gave me the information I needed to learn even more about healthy living as well as, the education I needed to help others. I graduated on March 20, 2015. And in 2017 I received my certification from the Dr. Axe Essential Oil Institute, for Certified Essential Oil Coach.

This experience has changed my life in so many ways, both spiritually and naturally. I give all glory and honor to God, because now I am not only getting healthy, but also, rebuilding the temple of God. 

Dr. Kathleen Oden